Bio.ExPASy.Prodoc module

Code to work with the prosite.doc file from Prosite.


Tested with:
  • Release 15.0, July 1998

  • Release 16.0, July 1999

  • Release 20.22, 13 November 2007

  • Release 20.43, 10 February 2009

  • read Read a Prodoc file containing exactly one Prodoc entry.

  • parse Iterates over entries in a Prodoc file.

  • Record Holds Prodoc data.

  • Reference Holds data from a Prodoc reference.

Read in a record from a file with exactly one Prodoc record.


Iterate over the records in a Prodoc file.

class Bio.ExPASy.Prodoc.Record

Bases: object

Holds information from a Prodoc record.

  • accession Accession number of the record.

  • prosite_refs List of tuples (prosite accession, prosite name).

  • text Free format text.

  • references List of reference objects.


Initialize the class.

class Bio.ExPASy.Prodoc.Reference

Bases: object

Holds information from a Prodoc citation.

  • number Number of the reference. (string)

  • authors Names of the authors.

  • citation Describes the citation.


Initialize the class.