Bio.SCOP.Hie module

Handle the SCOP HIErarchy files.

The SCOP Hierarchy files describe the SCOP hierarchy in terms of SCOP unique identifiers (sunid).

The file format is described in the SCOP release notes.

The latest HIE file can be found elsewhere at SCOP.

Release 1.55 (July 2001).

class Bio.SCOP.Hie.Record(line=None)

Bases: object

Holds information for one node in the SCOP hierarchy.

  • sunid - SCOP unique identifiers of this node

  • parent - Parents sunid

  • children - Sequence of childrens sunids

__init__(self, line=None)

Initialize the class.


Represent the SCOP hierarchy record as a string.


Iterate over a HIE file as Hie records for each line.

  • handle - file-like object.