Bio.SCOP.Dom module

Handle the SCOP DOMain file.

The DOM file has been officially deprecated. For more information see the SCOP”release notes.”: The DOM files for older releases can be found “elsewhere at SCOP.”:

class Bio.SCOP.Dom.Record(line=None)

Bases: object

Holds information for one SCOP domain.

  • sid - The SCOP ID of the entry, e.g. d1anu1

  • residues - The domain definition as a Residues object

  • hierarchy - A string specifying where this domain is in the hierarchy.

__init__(self, line=None)

Initialize the class.


Represent the SCOP domain record as a tab-separated string.


Iterate over a DOM file as a Dom record for each line.

  • handle – file-like object.