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Maintaining the population genetics module.

BEng in Informatics. Spent a few years working in IT as both a software developer and network engineer (banks, media companies, network companies, universities).

Returned to school to do a MSc in bioinformatics.

Did a PhD in Tropical Medicine (population genetics and bioinformatics applied to the study of malaria drug resistance).

Did a post-doc in human evolution at the University of Cambridge (short vacation from malaria research).

Back on malaria with a post-doc on Whole Genome Sequencing of Anopheles gambiae (the main vector of malaria).

Wellcome Trust Post-doctoral fellow until August 2015 on detecting genomic and transcriptomic signatures of selection for insecticide resistance in Anopheles (Liverpool, Oxford, Broad Insititute).

Currently a Research Scientist at the University of Montana

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