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Ideas for Biopython 2

This page is mostly a collection of ideas from discussions on the mailling list regarding a possible version 2 of Biopython.

If I missed something, please accept my apologies and change accordingly.

I am trying to keep a neutral tone, but sometime we might want to include major arguments in favor and against some option so that readers are made aware of the gist of main arguments



Deprecate Python 2?

Ongoing discussion

Which Python 3 version?

Lower case package and module naming

Lower case for packages and modules seems consensual.

Top-level policies

Package organization

Which sub-packages? Tightly related to the modular approach (see below)

Anyone wants to write a bit here about options?

Module system

Removal of outdated sub-packages

Discuss which packages to remove

Relationship between Biopython 1 and 2


Is there even time to do this?