BioSQL.BioSeq module

Implementations of Biopython-like Seq objects on top of BioSQL.

This allows retrieval of items stored in a BioSQL database using a biopython-like SeqRecord and Seq interface.

Note: Currently we do not support recording per-letter-annotations (like quality scores) in BioSQL.

class BioSQL.BioSeq.DBSeqRecord(adaptor, primary_id)

Bases: Bio.SeqRecord.SeqRecord

BioSQL equivalent of the Biopython SeqRecord object.

__init__(self, adaptor, primary_id)

Create a DBSeqRecord object.

  • adaptor - A BioSQL.BioSeqDatabase.Adaptor object

  • primary_id - An internal integer ID used by BioSQL

You wouldn’t normally create a DBSeqRecord object yourself, this is done for you when using a BioSeqDatabase object

property seq

Seq object

property dbxrefs

Database cross references

property features


property annotations