Bio.codonalign.codonalphabet module

Code for Codon Alphabet.

CodonAlphabet class is inherited from Alphabet class. It is an alphabet for CodonSeq class.

class Bio.codonalign.codonalphabet.CodonAlphabet

Bases: Bio.Alphabet.Alphabet

Generic Codon Alphabet with a size of three.

size = 3
letters = None
name = ''

Represent the alphabet class as a string for debugging.

Bio.codonalign.codonalphabet.get_codon_alphabet(codon_table, gap_char='-')

Construct a CodonAlphabet from a given codon table.

Bio.codonalign.codonalphabet.compare_codon_alphabet(codon_alphabet_1, codon_alphabet_2)

Compare two codon alphabet.

Return True is they have the same letter and gap_char, Otherwise return False.