Bio.SeqIO.SnapGeneIO module

Bio.SeqIO support for the SnapGene file format.

The SnapGene binary format is the native format used by the SnapGene program from GSL Biotech LLC.

class Bio.SeqIO.SnapGeneIO.SnapGeneIterator(source)

Bases: Bio.SeqIO.Interfaces.SequenceIterator

Parser for SnapGene files.

__init__(self, source)

Parse a SnapGene file and return a SeqRecord object.

Argument source is a file-like object or a path to a file.

Note that a SnapGene file can only contain one sequence, so this iterator will always return a single record.

parse(self, handle)

Start parsing the file, and return a SeqRecord generator.

iterate(self, handle)

Iterate over the records in the SnapGene file.