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Mailing lists

Discussion and questions

We actively discuss Biopython and Python usage in Bioinformatics on a few dedicated mailing lists. Please join us; to avoid spam, you can post a message only if you are subscribed to the mailing list.

A few other useful places for questions and answers - but please don’t post duplicate your questions here and on the mailing list:


Google is a practical way to search the mailing list archives. A number of questions have been discussed and answered; before posting please search for relevant discussions which might help.

Discussion List


Unmoderated list for use, comments, help, and other things related to Biopython.

List Website | Web Archive | Example Google Search

Development List


Unmoderated list for Biopython developers and interested people.

List Website | Web Archive | Example Google Search

Announcement List


Low volume moderated list, providing announcements of major Biopython releases and upgrades.

List Website | Web Archive | Gmane Web Archive