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Name Sebastian Bassi
Affiliation Universidad Nacional de Quilmes
Location Balcarce, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Uses Python for Bioinformatics and data manipulation
Work/Research Interests IT Manager Advanta Seeds in Balcarce Research Station
Biopython Contributions LCC and primer Tm calculation function
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Name Jeffrey Chang
Affiliation Postdoctoral Fellow, Duke University
Location Durham, NC
Uses Python for Eating spam
Work/Research Interests Bioinformatics
Biopython Contributions Co-Founder
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Name Brad Chapman
Affiliation University of Georgia
Location Athens, GA
Uses Python for Impressing my friends and family
Work/Research Interests Evolution by whole genome duplication in plants
Biopython Contributions Docs, GenBank, BioSQL, BioCORBA
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Name Peter Cock
E-mail See my web page
Affiliation MOAC Doctoral Training Centre, University of Warwick
Location Coventry, England, UK
Uses Python for Bioinformatics, controlling R with rpy, ...
Work/Research Interests Bacterial signalling
Biopython Contributions GenBank parser support
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Name Andrew Dalke
Affiliation Dalke Scientific Software, LLC
Location Santa Fe, NM
Uses Python for Just about anything
Work/Research Interests Large-scale usable systems for scientists
Biopython Contributions Co-Founder, Seq, Martel, indexing, EUtils, patterns, parsing, ...
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