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About CVS

The Biopython source code is kept under a version control system which allows multiple users from around the world to work on the same code base at the same time.

We use CVS (Concurrent Versions System), the most common version control system, for this purpose.

An hourly updated CVS checkout of Biopython is available at

You can also track CVS changes via RSS.

Viewing CVS Sources

Our current development CVS sources are available for viewing via ViewCVS:

Biopython CVS Home

The main repository is the biopython directory. You can download these sources by clicking the Download tarball link at the bottom of the page.

Anonymous CVS Access

You can also access a read-only version of the CVS sources using our anonymous CVS server. Directions are available at:

Write CVS Access

Write CVS access is available for Biopython developers. This is normally given on a case by case basis, and the best place to discuss getting write access is on the Biopython Development mailing list. Once you have access, the instructions on BioPerl's CVS wiki page are very helpful.

Migration to Subversion

Most of the other Open Bioinformatics Foundation projects have already migrated from CVS to Subversion (SVN). Biopython will also be moving from CVS to SVN shortly.

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