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Build Biopython in 21 easy steps!!

1. make sure I have the latest code

   drevil:~biopython> cvs update -P -d 

2. bump version number of Martel (sync with Biopython version?) by editing Martel/ so that any changes will be installed on new downloads

3. make sure README still up to date

4. add info to NEWS

   > cvs log -b -N -d'>2002-12-18' 

5. make sure CONTRIB still current

6. make sure still up to date

  • update version

7. do last check to make sure things are checked in

   > rm -r build
   > rm Martel/*.pyc
   > rm Tests/*.pyc
   > make clean -C doc
   > cvs update -P -d 

8. do last regression test

   drevil:~biopython/Tests> python --no-gui 

9. check out clean version somewhere else

   drevil:~tmp1/> cvs -d checkout -r biopython-100a1 biopython 

10. make documentation PDF, text and HTML in Doc

11. make MANIFEST. First, make sure up to date.

   > make clean -C doc
   > python sdist --manifest-only 

12. make sure the regression tests run here

   drevil:~tmp1/biopython/Tests/> python --no-gui 

13. make the source distribution

   drevil:~tmp1/biopython> python sdist --formats=gztar,zip 

14. untar the file somewhere else

   drevil:~tmp2> gzcat ../tmp1/biopython/dist/biopython-1.00a1.tar.gz | tar xvf -
  • Check to make sure it includes Martel

15. make sure I can build and test it

   drevil:~tmp2/biopython-1.00a1/> python build
   drevil:~tmp2/biopython-1.00a1/> python test
   drevil:~tmp2/biopython-1.00a1/> python install --root . 

16. add CVS tag

   drevil:~biopython> cvs tag biopython-100a1 

17. Update API documentation using Epydoc.

  • Go to the /usr/local/lib/python2.4/site-packages (or equivalent) directory. Running epydoc in your CVS tree works, but can miss some packages due to import errors.
   epydoc -o api -u -n Biopython --docformat plaintext Bio BioSQL Martel
  • Move the generated api directory to replace /home/websites/

18. ftp the .tar.gz, .zip files to biopython

19. update the web site

  • add to Download page (through the wiki)
  • Post news on
  • make sure links work

20. clean up the tmp directories I made

21. send email to,

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