[Biopython-dev] biopython on github

Brad Chapman chapmanb at 50mail.com
Tue Mar 17 17:34:14 EDT 2009

Hi Peter;

> Using the git command line tool, I was able to pull and merge Brad's
> changes (as I had made no changes in the meantime this could be done
> automatically), and then push the merged version back up to github on
> my branch.  At this point my branch and brad's agreed once again, and
> the "network" diagram no longer shows both.  Note that my branch now
> includes a commit from Brad.

Sweet. Glad that worked. I deleted my branch (edit->delete

While doing so, I noticed that there is also a 'Repository
Collaborators' section within the 'edit' page. So, another working
model is to have multiple users simultaneously editing one forked
revision. If you are already communicating on the work through the
mailing list or wiki, this is more like CVS/SVN then the branching

> Now all this worked, but I was wondering if the github web interface
> could have simplified any of this, if I'd only know where to click.
> For example, does github offer any way to view a diff between to
> branches?  Or, as I suspect, do they simply expect you to use the git
> tools directly for this?

What was the command you used for this? git diff is still befuddling
to me.


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