[Biopython-dev] NCBI-XML blast parser

david coornaert dcoorna at dbm.ulb.ac.be
Mon Jun 26 06:57:25 EDT 2006

I'm currently using this bio-python ncbiXML blast output parser

>From the cvs I fetched I see some comments about useless nature of
and Hsp_hit_to

Well, I need those, and can't for sure calculate it simply from
hsp_align_len (which is not included either)
because I should I manage the max len of query, hit and align string)
then take care of the strand to know wether to increase or decrease,

So I've worked out a parrallel copy of the parser,
but I'd like to know  why are these considered useless  ?
Should I commit these harmless changes ? (hence cvs access)


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