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Class Motif

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A Bio.motifs.transfac.Motif stores the information in one TRANSFAC
motif. This class inherits from the Bio.motifs.Motif base class, as well
as from a Python dictionary. All motif information found by the parser
is stored as attributes of the base class when possible; see the
Bio.motifs.Motif base class for a description of these attributes. All
other information associated with the motif is stored as (key, value)
pairs in the dictionary, where the key is the two-letter fields as found
in the TRANSFAC file. References are an exception: These are stored in
the .references attribute.

These fields are commonly found in TRANSFAC files:
    AC:    Accession number
    AS:    Accession numbers, secondary
    BA:    Statistical basis
    BF:    Binding factors
    BS:    Factor binding sites underlying the matrix
           [sequence; SITE accession number; start position for matrix
            sequence; length of sequence used; number of gaps inserted;
            strand orientation.]
    CC:    Comments
    CO:    Copyright notice
    DE:    Short factor description
    DR:    External databases
           [database name: database accession number]
    DT:    Date created/updated
    HC:    Subfamilies
    HP:    Superfamilies
    ID:    Identifier
    NA:    Name of the binding factor
    OC:    Taxonomic classification
    OS:    Species/Taxon
    OV:    Older version
    PV:    Preferred version
    TY:    Type
    XX:    Empty line; these are not stored in the Record.

References are stored in an .references attribute, which is a list of
dictionaries with the following keys:
    RN:    Reference number
    RA:    Reference authors
    RL:    Reference data
    RT:    Reference title
    RX:    PubMed ID

For more information, see the TRANSFAC documentation.

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Class Variables [hide private]
  multiple_value_keys = set(['BF', 'BS', 'DR', 'DT', 'HC', 'HP',...
  reference_keys = set(['RA', 'RL', 'RT', 'RX'])

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set(['BF', 'BS', 'DR', 'DT', 'HC', 'HP', 'OV'])