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Module transfac

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Parsing TRANSFAC files
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A Bio.motifs.transfac.Motif stores the information in one TRANSFAC motif. This class inherits from the Bio.motifs.Motif base class, as well as from a Python dictionary. All motif information found by the parser is stored as attributes of the base class when possible; see the Bio.motifs.Motif base class for a description of these attributes. All other information associated with the motif is stored as (key, value) pairs in the dictionary, where the key is the two-letter fields as found in the TRANSFAC file. References are an exception: These are stored in the .references attribute.
A Bio.motifs.transfac.Record stores the information in a TRANSFAC matrix table. The record inherits from a list containing the individual motifs.
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record = read(handle)
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Write the representation of a motif in TRANSFAC format
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  __package__ = 'Bio.motifs'