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Module dnal

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Run and process output from the Wise2 package tool dnal.

Bio.Wise contains modules for running and processing the output of some of the models in the Wise2 package by Ewan Birney available from:

Bio.Wise.psw is for protein Smith-Waterman alignments Bio.Wise.dnal is for Smith-Waterman DNA alignments

Classes [hide private]
Calculate statistics from an ALB report.
Functions [hide private]
_build_dnal_cmdline(match, mismatch, gap, extension) source code
_fgrep_count(pattern, file) source code
_alb_line2coords(line) source code
_get_coords(filename) source code
align(pair, match=4, mismatch=-1, gap=-5, extension=-1, **keywds) source code
main() source code
_test(*args, **keywds) source code
Variables [hide private]
  _CMDLINE_DNAL = ['dnal', '-alb', '-nopretty']
  _CMDLINE_FGREP_COUNT = 'fgrep -c \'%s\' %s'
  _re_alb_line2coords = re.compile(r'^\[([^:]+):[^\[]+\[([^:]+):')
  __package__ = 'Bio.Wise'