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Package Wise

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Bio.Wise contains modules for running and processing the output of some of the models in the Wise2 package by Ewan Birney available from:

Bio.Wise.psw is for protein Smith-Waterman alignments Bio.Wise.dnal is for Smith-Waterman DNA alignments

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_build_align_cmdline(cmdline, pair, output_filename, kbyte=None, force_type=None, quiet=False)
Helper function to build a command line string (PRIVATE).
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align(cmdline, pair, kbyte=None, force_type=None, dry_run=False, quiet=False, debug=False)
Returns a filehandle
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Generate pairs list for all-against-all alignments
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main() source code
_test(*args, **keywds) source code
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  __package__ = 'Bio.Wise'