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Class SequenceLine

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object --+

Store the information for one SEQUENCE line from a Unigene file

Initialize with the text part of the SEQUENCE line, or nothing.

Attributes and descriptions (access as LOWER CASE)
ACC=         GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ accession number of sequence
NID=         Unique nucleotide sequence identifier (gi)
PID=         Unique protein sequence identifier (used for non-ESTs)
CLONE=       Clone identifier (used for ESTs only)
END=         End (5'/3') of clone insert read (used for ESTs only)
LID=         Library ID; see for library name and tissue
MGC=         5' CDS-completeness indicator; if present,
             the clone associated with this sequence
             is believed CDS-complete. A value greater than 511
             is the gi of the CDS-complete mRNA matched by the EST,
             otherwise the value is an indicator of the reliability
             of the test indicating CDS completeness;
             higher values indicate more reliable CDS-completeness
SEQTYPE=     Description of the nucleotide sequence. Possible values
             are mRNA, EST and HTC.
TRACE=       The Trace ID of the EST sequence, as provided by NCBI
             Trace Archive

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__init__(self, text=None)
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_init_from_text(self, text) source code
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__init__(self, text=None)

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