Package Bio :: Package Sequencing :: Package Applications :: Module _samtools :: Class SamtoolsReheaderCommandline
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Class SamtoolsReheaderCommandline

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Application.AbstractCommandline --+

Command line wrapper for samtools reheader.

Replace the header in in.bam with the header in in.header.sam, equivalent to:

$ samtools reheader <in.header.sam> <in.bam>

See for more details


>>> from Bio.Sequencing.Applications import SamtoolsReheaderCommandline
>>> input_header = "/path/to/header_sam_file"
>>> input_bam = "/path/to/input_bam_file"
>>> reheader_cmd = SamtoolsReheaderCommandline(input_header=input_header,
...                                            input_bam=input_bam)
>>> print(reheader_cmd)
samtools reheader /path/to/header_sam_file /path/to/input_bam_file
Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, cmd='samtools', **kwargs)
Initialize the class.
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__init__(self, cmd='samtools', **kwargs)

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Initialize the class.
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