Package Bio :: Package SeqIO :: Module SeqXmlIO :: Class XMLRecordIterator
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Class XMLRecordIterator

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Base class for building iterators for record style XML formats.

It is assumed that all information for one record can be found within a record element or above. Two types of methods are called when the start tag of an element is reached. To receive only the attributes of an element before its end tag is reached implement _attr_TAGNAME. To get an element and its children as a DOM tree implement _elem_TAGNAME. Everything that is part of the DOM tree will not trigger any further method calls.

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__init__(self, handle, recordTag, namespace=None)
Create the object and initializing the XML parser.
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Iterate over the records in the XML file.
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_attributes(self, node)
Return the attributes of a DOM node as dictionary (PRIVATE).
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__init__(self, handle, recordTag, namespace=None)

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Create the object and initializing the XML parser.
Overrides: object.__init__