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Module AbiIO

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Bio.SeqIO parser for the ABI format.

ABI is the format used by Applied Biosystem's sequencing machines to store sequencing results.

For more details on the format specification, visit:

Functions [hide private]
AbiIterator(handle, alphabet=None, trim=False)
Return an iterator for the Abi file format.
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Return an iterator for the Abi file format that yields trimmed SeqRecord objects (PRIVATE).
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_abi_parse_header(header, handle)
Return directory contents (PRIVATE).
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Trims the sequence using Richard Mott's modified trimming algorithm (PRIVATE).
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_parse_tag_data(elem_code, elem_num, raw_data)
Return single data value (PRIVATE).
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Variables [hide private]
  _EXTRACT = {'DySN1': 'dye', 'GTyp1': 'polymer', 'MODL1': 'mach...
  _INSTRUMENT_SPECIFIC_TAGS = {'abi_3130/3130xl': {'CTOw1': 'Con...
  _BYTEFMT = {1: 'b', 2: 's', 3: 'H', 4: 'h', 5: 'i', 6: '2i', 7...
  _HEADFMT = '>H4sI2H3I'
  _DIRFMT = '>4sI2H4I'
  __global_tag_listing = ['BufT1', 'ScPa1', 'ASPt1', 'ASPt2', 'P...
  __package__ = 'Bio.SeqIO'
  tag = {'APFN2': 'Sequencing Analysis parameters file name', 'A...
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Trims the sequence using Richard Mott's modified trimming algorithm (PRIVATE).

  • seq_record - SeqRecord object to be trimmed.

Trimmed bases are determined from their segment score, which is a cumulative sum of each base's score. Base scores are calculated from their quality values.

More about the trimming algorithm:

_parse_tag_data(elem_code, elem_num, raw_data)

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Return single data value (PRIVATE).

  • elem_code - What kind of data
  • elem_num - How many data points
  • raw_data - abi file object from which the tags would be unpacked

Variables Details [hide private]


{'DySN1': 'dye',
 'GTyp1': 'polymer',
 'MODL1': 'machine_model',
 'TUBE1': 'sample_well'}


{'abi_3130/3130xl': {'CTOw1': 'Container owner',
                     'HCFG1': 'Instrument Class',
                     'HCFG2': 'Instrument Family',
                     'HCFG3': 'Official Instrument Name',
                     'HCFG4': 'Instrument Parameters',
                     'RMdVa1': 'Run Module version'},
 'abi_3530/3530xl': {'AAct1': 'Primary Analysis Audit Active indicatio\
n. True if system auditing was enabled during the last write of this f\


{1: 'b',
 2: 's',
 3: 'H',
 4: 'h',
 5: 'i',
 6: '2i',
 7: 'f',
 8: 'd',




{'APFN2': 'Sequencing Analysis parameters file name',
 'APXV1': 'Analysis Protocol XML schema version',
 'APrN1': 'Analysis Protocol settings name',
 'APrV1': 'Analysis Protocol settings version',
 'APrX1': 'Analysis Protocol XML string',
 'CMNT1': 'Sample Comment',
 'CTID1': 'Container Identifier, a.k.a. plate barcode',
 'CTNM1': 'Container name, usually identical to CTID, but not necessar\