Package Bio :: Package SearchIO :: Package HmmerIO :: Module hmmer2_text :: Class Hmmer2TextIndexer
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Class Hmmer2TextIndexer

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               object --+            
File._IndexedSeqFileProxy --+        
         _index.SearchIndexer --+    
      _base._BaseHmmerTextIndexer --+

Indexer for hmmer2-text format.
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Iterator for the HMMER 2.0 text output.
Instance Methods [hide private]
Return (identifier, offset, length in bytes) tuples.
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  qresult_start = 'Query'
  qresult_end = '//'
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Return (identifier, offset, length in bytes) tuples.

The length can be zero where it is not implemented or not possible for a particular file format.

Overrides: File._IndexedSeqFileProxy.__iter__
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