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Class FormattedSeq

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FormattedSeq(seq, [linear=True])-> new FormattedSeq.

Translate a Bio.Seq into a formatted sequence to be used with Restriction.


remove anything which is not IUPAC alphabet and then add a space in front of the sequence to get a biological index instead of a python index (i.e. index of the first base is 1 not 0).

Retains information about the shape of the molecule linear (default) or circular. Restriction sites are search over the edges of circular sequence.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, seq, linear=True)
FormattedSeq(seq, [linear=True])-> new FormattedSeq.
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__len__(self) source code
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__eq__(self, other) source code
circularise FS
circularise(FS) source code
linearise FS
linearise(FS) source code
new linear FS instance
to_linear(FS) source code
new circular FS instance
to_circular(FS) source code
True if the sequence will analysed as a linear sequence.
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finditer(FS, pattern, size)
return a list of pattern into the sequence. the list is made of tuple (location, the latter is used with non palindromic sites. pattern is the regular expression pattern corresponding to the enzyme restriction site. size is the size of the restriction enzyme recognition-site size.
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__getitem__(self, i) source code

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__init__(self, seq, linear=True)

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FormattedSeq(seq, [linear=True])-> new FormattedSeq.

seq is either a Bio.Seq, Bio.MutableSeq or a FormattedSeq. if seq is a FormattedSeq, linear will have no effect on the shape of the sequence.

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