Package Bio :: Package Phylo :: Package PAML :: Module _parse_baseml
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Module _parse_baseml

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Functions [hide private]
parse_basics(lines, results)
Parse the basics that should be present in most baseml results files.
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parse_parameters(lines, results, num_params)
Parse the various parameters from the file.
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parse_parameter_list(lines, parameters, num_params)
Parse the parameters list, which is just an unlabeled list of numeric values.
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parse_kappas(lines, parameters)
Parse out the kappa parameters.
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parse_rates(lines, parameters)
Parse the rate parameters.
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parse_freqs(lines, parameters)
Parse the basepair frequencies.
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Variables [hide private]
  line_floats_re = re.compile(r'-*\d+\.\d+')
  __package__ = 'Bio.Phylo.PAML'