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Class FastTreeCommandline

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                     object --+    
Application.AbstractCommandline --+

Command-line wrapper for FastTree.

Only the input and out parameters are mandatory.

From the terminal command line use fasttree.exe -help or fasttree.exe -expert for more explanation of usage options.



Price, M.N., Dehal, P.S., and Arkin, A.P. (2010) FastTree 2 -- Approximately Maximum-Likelihood Trees for Large Alignments. PLoS ONE, 5(3):e9490.


>>> import _Fasttree
>>> fasttree_exe = r"C:\FasttreeWin32\fasttree.exe"
>>> cmd = _Fasttree.FastTreeCommandline(fasttree_exe,
...                                     input=r'C:\Input\ExampleAlignment.fsa',
...                                     out=r'C:\Output\ExampleTree.tree')
>>> print(cmd)
>>> out, err = cmd()
>>> print(out)
>>> print(err)
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__init__(self, cmd='fasttree', **kwargs)
Initialize the class.
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__init__(self, cmd='fasttree', **kwargs)

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Initialize the class.
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