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Class TaggingConsumer

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      object --+    
AbstractConsumer --+

Debugging consumer which tags data with the event and logs it.

This is a Consumer that tags the data stream with the event and prints it to a handle. Useful for debugging.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, handle=None, colwidth=15, maxwidth=80)
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unhandled_section(self) source code
unhandled(self, data) source code
_print_name(self, name, data=None) source code
__getattr__(self, attr) source code

Inherited from AbstractConsumer (private): _unhandled, _unhandled_section

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__init__(self, handle=None, colwidth=15, maxwidth=80)

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  • handle to log to, defaults to sys.stdout
  • colwidth for logging to the handle
  • maxwidth for truncation when logging
Overrides: object.__init__

__getattr__(self, attr)
(Qualification operator)

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Overrides: AbstractConsumer.__getattr__