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Class XpkEntry

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Provide dictonary access to single entry from nmrview .xpk file.

This class is suited for handling single lines of non-header data from an nmrview .xpk file. This class provides methods for extracting data by the field name which is listed in the last line of the peaklist header.


xpkentry : str
The line from an nmrview .xpk file.
xpkheadline : str
The line from the header file that gives the names of the entries. This is typically the sixth line of the header, 1-origin.


fields : dict
Dictionary of fields where key is in header line, value is an entry. Variables are accessed by either their name in the header line as in self.field["H1.P"] will return the H1.P entry for example. self.field["entrynum"] returns the line number (1st field of line)
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__init__(self, entry, headline)
Initialize the class.
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__init__(self, entry, headline)

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Initialize the class.
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