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Class MEMEMotif

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  object --+    
_Motif.Motif --+

A subclass of Motif used in parsing MEME (and MAST) output.

This sublcass defines functions and data specific to MEME motifs.
This includes the evalue for a motif and the PSSM of the motif.

add_instance_from_values (name = 'default', pvalue = 1, sequence = 'ATA', start = 0, strand = +): create a new instance of the motif with the specified values.
add_to_pssm (position): add a new position to the pssm. The position should be a list of nucleotide/amino acid frequencies
add_to_logodds (position): add a new position to the log odds matrix. The position should be a tuple of log odds values for the nucleotide/amino acid at that position.
compare_motifs (other_motif): returns the maximum correlation between this motif and other_motif

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_numoccurrences(self, number) source code
get_instance_by_name(self, name) source code
add_instance_from_values(self, name='default', pvalue=1, sequence='ATA', start=0, strand='+') source code
_evalue(self, evalue) source code

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