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Class Record

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object --+    
      dict --+

A dictionary holding information from a Medline record.

All data are stored under the mnemonic appearing in the Medline file. These mnemonics have the following interpretations:

Mnemonic Description
AB Abstract
CI Copyright Information
AD Affiliation
IRAD Investigator Affiliation
AID Article Identifier
AU Author
FAU Full Author
CN Corporate Author
DCOM Date Completed
DA Date Created
LR Date Last Revised
DEP Date of Electronic Publication
DP Date of Publication
EDAT Entrez Date
GS Gene Symbol
GN General Note
GR Grant Number
IR Investigator Name
FIR Full Investigator Name
IP Issue
TA Journal Title Abbreviation
JT Journal Title
LA Language
LID Location Identifier
MID Manuscript Identifier
MH MeSH Terms
RF Number of References
OAB Other Abstract
OCI Other Copyright Information
OID Other ID
OT Other Term
OTO Other Term Owner
OWN Owner
PG Pagination
PS Personal Name as Subject
FPS Full Personal Name as Subject
PL Place of Publication
PHST Publication History Status
PST Publication Status
PT Publication Type
PUBM Publishing Model
PMC PubMed Central Identifier
PMID PubMed Unique Identifier
RN Registry Number/EC Number
NM Substance Name
SI Secondary Source ID
SO Source
SFM Space Flight Mission
STAT Status
SB Subset
TI Title
TT Transliterated Title
VI Volume
CON Comment on
CIN Comment in
EIN Erratum in
EFR Erratum for
CRI Corrected and Republished in
CRF Corrected and Republished from
PRIN Partial retraction in
PROF Partial retraction of
RPI Republished in
RPF Republished from
RIN Retraction in
ROF Retraction of
UIN Update in
UOF Update of
SPIN Summary for patients in
ORI Original report in
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