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Module LogisticRegression

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Code for doing logistic regressions.

Classes: LogisticRegression Holds information for a LogisticRegression classifier.

Functions: train Train a new classifier. calculate Calculate the probabilities of each class, given an observation. classify Classify an observation into a class.

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Holds information necessary to do logistic regression classification.
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train(xs, ys, update_fn=...)
Train a logistic regression classifier on a training set. xs is a list of observations and ys is a list of the class assignments, which should be 0 or 1. xs and ys should contain the same number of elements. update_fn is an optional callback function that takes as parameters that iteration number and log likelihood.
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list of probabilities
calculate(lr, x)
Calculate the probability for each class. lr is a LogisticRegression object. x is the observed data. Returns a list of the probability that it fits each class.
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1 or 0
classify(lr, x)
Classify an observation into a class.
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  __package__ = 'Bio'