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Package Compound

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Code to work with the KEGG Ligand/Compound database.

Functions: parse - Returns an iterator giving Record objects.

Classes: Record - A representation of a KEGG Ligand/Compound.

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Holds info from a KEGG Ligand/Compound record.
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id_wrap(indent) source code
struct_wrap(indent) source code
Parse a KEGG Ligan/Compound file, returning Record objects.
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  name_wrap = [0, '', (' ', '$', 1, 1), ('-', '$', 1, 1)]
  __package__ = 'Bio.KEGG.Compound'
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Parse a KEGG Ligan/Compound file, returning Record objects.

This is an iterator function, typically used in a for loop. For example, using one of the example KEGG files in the Biopython test suite,

>>> with open("KEGG/compound.sample") as handle:
...     for record in parse(handle):
...         print("%s %s" % (record.entry,[0]))
C00023 Iron
C00017 Protein
C00099 beta-Alanine
C00294 Inosine
C00298 Trypsin
C00348 Undecaprenyl phosphate
C00349 2-Methyl-3-oxopropanoate
C01386 NH2Mec