Package Bio :: Module File :: Class _IndexedSeqFileProxy
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Class _IndexedSeqFileProxy

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object --+
Known Subclasses:

Base class for file format specific random access (PRIVATE).

This is subclasses in both Bio.SeqIO for indexing as SeqRecord objects, and in Bio.SearchIO for indexing QueryResult objects.

Subclasses for each file format should define '__iter__', 'get' and optionally 'get_raw' methods.

Instance Methods [hide private]
Returns (identifier, offset, length in bytes) tuples.
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get(self, offset)
Returns parsed object for this entry.
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get_raw(self, offset)
Returns bytes string (if implemented for this file format).
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Returns (identifier, offset, length in bytes) tuples.

The length can be zero where it is not implemented or not possible for a particular file format.