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Module ScanProsite

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Represents search results returned by ScanProsite.
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scan(seq='', mirror='', output='xml', **keywords)
Execute a ScanProsite search.
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Parse search results returned by ScanProsite into a Python object.
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  __package__ = 'Bio.ExPASy'
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scan(seq='', mirror='', output='xml', **keywords)

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Execute a ScanProsite search.

  • mirror: The ScanProsite mirror to be used


  • seq: The query sequence, or UniProtKB (Swiss-Prot,

    TrEMBL) accession

  • output: Format of the search results

    (default: xml)

Further search parameters can be passed as keywords; see the documentation for programmatic access to ScanProsite at for a description of such parameters.

This function returns a handle to the search results returned by ScanProsite. Search results in the XML format can be parsed into a Python object, by using the function.