Package Bio :: Package AlignIO :: Module StockholmIO :: Class StockholmWriter
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Class StockholmWriter

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                      object --+        
      Interfaces.AlignmentWriter --+    
Interfaces.SequentialAlignmentWriter --+

Stockholm/PFAM alignment writer.
Instance Methods [hide private]
write_alignment(self, alignment)
Use this to write (another) single alignment to an open file.
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_write_record(self, record)
Write a single SeqRecord to the file.
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Class Variables [hide private]
  pfam_gr_mapping = {'active_site': 'AS', 'intron': 'IN', 'ligan...
  pfam_gs_mapping = {'look': 'LO', 'organism': 'OS', 'organism_c...
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write_alignment(self, alignment)

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Use this to write (another) single alignment to an open file.

Note that sequences and their annotation are recorded together (rather than having a block of annotation followed by a block of aligned sequences).

Overrides: Interfaces.SequentialAlignmentWriter.write_alignment

Class Variable Details [hide private]


{'active_site': 'AS',
 'intron': 'IN',
 'ligand_binding': 'LI',
 'posterior_probability': 'PP',
 'secondary_structure': 'SS',
 'surface_accessibility': 'SA',
 'transmembrane': 'TM'}


{'look': 'LO', 'organism': 'OS', 'organism_classification': 'OC'}